Time travel conundrum

Brian-Cox-006Watching Prof Brian Cox last night on the wonders of the universe I had a thought which you far more intellectual beings may help me out with.

During the programme Prof Cox suggested that at some point in a virtually impossible distant point in the future our universe will end and with it time itself.

Ok, that’s feasible of course, but this point about time leaves me head scratching.

I thought that the general thinking was that all time is connected. I believe it was Stephen Hawking who developed the theory of time travel via wormholes for example – based on the connectivity of time.

Here’s my problem, if the universe and time cease at some point in the future (when is irrelevant), surely if all time is connected all time would cease also. That includes this point in time. In fact the beginning of time would end and therefore time would never have existed!

I’m sure I’ve missed a huge point but I’d love to know where as otherwise this means the universe never ends or time travel is impossible and I quite fancied a bit of that one day 🙂