Out of Africa

Lioness-Nokia-D7100I’ve just returned from an amazing holiday with my family where I got to play with the new Nokia D7100. I am just as impressed with it now as I was initially and not only found it intuitive and easy to use, but packed with features and functionality.

I’ve uploaded a few photos from the 1000+ shots taken which can be viewed at my 500px page:

Nikon D7100



I recently took delivery of a brand new Nikon D7100 DSLR camera in time for a family trip to the States. I’m going to write a detailed review when I get back, but initial results have really impressed me and the more I use this camera the more impressed I get!

With improved and very snappy auto-focus, an eye-watering 24.1mp – enough to create seriously large prints, studio-quality 1080p video, slots for two SD cards (with options to use one for video and one for exposures if preferred) and a wealth of control and options – this is by far the best camera I’ve ever owned.

If you are considering this model, here is a link to the seller I purchased from who also had the best price I could find. When I told them I was travelling and could they speed up delivery they sent it overnight by courier at no extra charge(!):

Nikon D7100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-105mm VR Lens Kit (24.1MP) and 3.2 inch LCD

Here are a few of the first photos I took using the default/auto settings. These images have been down-scaled to reduce file size but have had no other post-processing, so not as sharp as the originals but I think you’ll agree they are still very impressive.

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Please look out for my detailed review later in April/May 2013.


Rokk Media sign thoughts

rokkmedia sign update
Thinking of adding this qualifying line to the sign on our office wall (this is a mock-up) as it’s not immediately obvious what we do to casual passers-by.

Charlotte’s poem

More sunshine from my little girl

Charlotte’s latest  poem – brought a little lump to my throat:

charlottes poem


Every little bit of sun
Helps us get along
That’s why we get through life
When the sun has shone
It also makes us feel happy
Oh, how I like the sun

Fancy hiring a pioneering adventurer?

My dear brother (check shirt) is heading back to Blighty next week after a few years of exciting adventures in the States.  Having given up a career as leading fireman in the UK he went out there to pursue a life-long dream to become a helicopter pilot. Not only did he achieve his goal but he went on to qualify as an instructor.  Unfortunately his visa is about to expire and so he has decided to wing his way back home.  However he now needs work!  He also has an HGV license – a cheerful and charismatic personality and is bright enough to turn his hand to just about anything.  If you have anything that may suit please let me know. He’s a lovely guy and deserves to do well – and he’s my little bro 🙂