Are Tweets losing value?

IMG_6294-3.PNGA “Favorite” in Twitter has become the new Facebook-like “like”, BUT this means Tweets are losing value.

One of the key values in a Tweet is in how many people read it, and Twitter enables this to extend across multiple networks. Therefore how many people RT or reTweet it in to their wider network is crucial if your message needs to be seen as many times as possible. The more RTs the greater the social reach. By simply favouriting it, the reader is only indicating to the originator that they like what they have read, which in itself is a nice gesture, but by not promoting it to their network they are effectively stopping it’s ability to be seen by others.

The originator could ask within the Tweet for an RT but this is not usual unless you are blatantly trying to expand the audience – for example, making a plea. Twitter could make favourites more visible to the greater network, but that requires a complete change in simplicity of the system as favourites were originally intended to stand as a relatively private bookmarking system (hence name).

The real solution is in the hands of the community. If you genuinely like the Tweet – share it! Otherwise your appreciation, however well meaning is stifling the social reach of the message and the messenger.